Meet the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a divine being, the third person in the Godhead (Matt 28:19), though not having a physical body i.e. we cannot see Him with our physical eye He is as real as who we can see, feel, and touch. The Holy Spirit has all the attributes of a person, He can speak (Rev 2:7), and feel, meaning just as you can interact with a person you can also interact with Him, your weakness can be felt by Him (Rom 8:26) and more which all are proof that He is a person though not having a physical body. He also possesses the attribute of God, He is omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal, holy, omniscient. His possession of these attributes which can only be of God solidifies the fact that He is God. A lot of symbolic words are used to refer to Him all through the scripture, dove (Matt 3:16), fire (Act 2:3), wind (Act 2:2), oil, water, and seal. He is called a lot of names in the scripture, The Holy Spirit is sometimes translated as The Holy Ghost, The Spirit of God, The Spirit of the Lord, The Spirit of Christ, The Comforter, The Spirit of Truth, and more He works within believers to have the same character as Christ by bearing in them fruit namely joy, love, peace, faith, long-suffering, gentleness, kindness, patience… (Gal 5:19) this is all called the fruit of the spirit. We cannot but talk about his supply of power and gift for effective ministry and spreading of the gospel of Christ across the board (Act 1:8; 1 Cor 12:1-11). The attributes, symbols, names, fruits, and gifts are all pointers to the assignment, nature, and power of the Holy Spirit toward believers and the world at large. The Holy Spirit Teaches, comforts, intercedes, helps our infirmities, and a lot more of his ministry. With these little details, I am glad you are already in love with him with a burning love in your spirit. Love know Him more, click the link below. Complete Teaching on The Holy Ghost

3 months ago